HPLC is a great deal of fun... after you've personally encountered and overcome nearly every obstacle to getting good HPLC results. My advice?... Start young!

Bruce Crist, Owner



To make life easier for chromatographers and the people who purchase for them, by bringing together in one place, the best of the best in HPLC parts, supplies, and services

Valued Customer-

I want you to know that our overarching goal is to make your life easier. Everything else is secondary. How this manifests itself is constantly evolving, just as you and your business are evolving. We value your feedback and regard your comments as 'gifts'. Thank you for your business.

Bruce Crist, Owner

Here are just a few of the things we are doing to make life easier for you:

SPEED AND ACCURACY OF ORDERING: Find parts based on YOUR point of view, not ours.

Chemists think about things in terms of function, physical characteristics and chemistry. Purchasing people on the other hand usually seek information based on part number, manufacturer, and/or keywords. Our site offers features that are friendly to both viewpoints. Chemists like our graphical interface. Purchasing people on the other hand prefer the advanced search engine. We appreciate any comments on how to make the site even more user-friendly.


Estimates on the cost of administering one purchase order range from $75-125. By providing popular HPLC items that are not typically available in one place, we help you reduce administrative costs.

EXPERIENCE + MOTIVATION: It's a fact. Small businesses care more about customer satisfaction.

Small businesses understand that providing excellent service can have a rapid and positive impact on the bottom line. At Bear Creek Scientific, it's not just another day another dollar. We realize you have a variety of sources to choose from and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. If you have a special need call us and let us demonstrate that what we say is true. Our mission after all is to 'make your life a little easier'.

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