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  Bear Creek Scientific-The best in liquid chromatography parts and supplies validation, consulting, and training call 425-869-2352.

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Mfg. Name Mfg. Part# Product Unit Price Add To Cart
Optimize 27-08-01331 HPLC First Aid Kit, HP /Agilent 1050, 1100 $833.00
Optimize 27-08-00657 HPLC First Aid Kit, HP /Agilent 1090 $598.00
Optimize 27-08-00656 HPLC Fittings Kit, HP /Agilent 1050, 1090, 1100 $276.00
Optimize 27-08-02476 HPLC Switch Kit, for Agilent /HP 1050/1100 $588.00
Optimize 27-08-02477 HPLC Switch Kit, for Agilent /HP 1090 $446.00
Optimize 27-31-02277 Purge Valve Upgrade Kit for HP /Agilent 1050, 1100 $147.00
Optimize 27-31-02316 Replacement PEEK Plug for HP /Agilent PTFE Filter (used with Purge Valve Upgrade Kit) $16.50

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