By placing your order with us, you the Customer (hereinafter referred to as "you", "your", "your company", etc.) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this sales agreement. This sales agreement is a legal contract. No other terms or conditions shall apply unless a separate purchase agreement is signed by an authorized representative of your company and an officer of Bear Creek Scientific, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "BCS", "we", "our", "our company", etc ). BCS may attempt to comply with terms and conditions that your company includes with your purchase order, however as stated above, the act of placing an order with BCS without a prior written and signed alternate sales agreement means that our company's stated terms and conditions in this sales agreement will apply.

Changes in Terms and Conditions of Sales Agreement:
We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions. If we should change our terms and conditions, please note that the terms and conditions that apply are those that are posted on our site at the time your order is placed.

Orders may be placed online via our website(www.bearcreekscientific.com), by Phone (425) 869-2352. Orders are not binding until an order confirmation is sent by BCS.

We accept purchase orders*, credit card (VISA/MasterCard), cashier's check, or money orders for immediate processing and shipment of orders. Orders placed using personal and business checks are also accepted, and will be processed once your check clears. (*credit references may be required. We will contact you.)

Payments are due and payable in full within 30 days of the date on the invoice. In order to expedite your order, BCS may, at its option, choose to ship and invoice portions of your order separately. If partial orders are not acceptable, you need to indicate this at the time of placing the order. You, the customer, agree to pay interest on all past-due sums, and BCS reserves the right to charge past-due interest at the highest rate allowed by law if necessary.

Freight and taxes:
Our default for shipping method is second-day air, unless the item you ordered a battery backup device, in which case we ship by ground transport (approx 3-5 days). The typical shipping and handling charge for a one pound parts order is $12-18, depending on where the shipment is going. Shipping charges (and applicable taxes) are added to your order at time of invoicing. If you require exact amounts please contact us. If you are a non-taxable entity, or a reseller, please provide us with appropriate documentation prior to placing your order.

Unless stated otherwise, BCS offers a 30-day return on all manufactured items. After 30 days (from date on invoice or date of online or credit card order), all manufacturer warranties shall apply.

You, the customer, agree to not send us any item contaminated with hazardous chemicals, or biohazardous or radioactive materials. If an item is being returned, you must contact BCS first, to obtain a Returned Materials Authorization number (RMA). BCS will refuse delivery of any item that does not have a valid RMA number plainly marked on the return packaging.

Please call (425) 869-2352 or email us at custserv@bearcreekscientific.com to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number or to discuss any problems prior to shipping a product back to BCS. Before calling, it would help if you have the following information on hand: part number, date of purchase (or invoice number), serial number (if one exists), and reason for return. For a full refund on misordered or misshipped items, we require that all packaging, manuals, accessories, etc. be returned. (We pay freight both ways on our mistakes. You pay freight both ways on yours.) If you receive damaged merchandise, it is best to REFUSE it back to the carrier attempting delivery. If you accept a damaged package, make sure it is noted on the carrier's delivery record in order for BCS to file a damage claim. Save the merchandise AND the original box with the packaging it arrived in, notify BCS immediately to arrange for a carrier inspection and a pick up of damaged merchandise. If you do not notify BCS of damaged goods within the first 15 days of arrival, our regular return policy will override any claim of damage, and will fall under all current manufacturer restrictions. Contact your BCS account manager to arrange for carrier inspection and a pick up of damaged merchandise. DEFECTIVE ITEMS and MIS-SHIPPED ITEMS must be returned directly to BCS with 30 days from the invoice date (or order date for online and credit card orders) for: full credit, product replacement, exchange for a different product, or repair. There is a 15% restocking fee for misordered items.

Your Privacy:
What we must do: In order to fulfill your order, it is necessary for us to provide certain information to other companies, including, our suppliers, shipping companies, and financial institutions (for processing of credit cards, electronic funds transfers, etc.). By placing an order with BCS, you are granting us permission to provide information as necessary for the fulfillment of your order.

What we won't do: BCS does not sell its customer lists to other companies. BCS does not offer (without your permission or authorization) any of your personal identifying infomation to any other company, except under the circumstances mentioned above.

Contacting you:
We offer all of our visitors and customers the choice of opting-out of any maintenance renewal reminder notices, technical notices, or other notification programs. To opt-out please contact us by phone or email and be sure to leave adequate identifying information so we can honor your wishes. Even so, on rare occasions it may be necessary for us to send you an email containing important safety or other important information. We will make every attempt to insure that people who have "opted out", only receive info from us when it is deemed necessary.

Governing Laws:
The laws of the state of Washington shall govern this agreement and any sales hereunder without regard to conflicts of laws rules. You and BCS are consenting to the jurisdiction of the Federal or State courts located in King County, Washington for the purpose of any action arising out of this sales agreement.

The ownership of goods (except titles to software which remain with the licensor) is transferred from us to you upon delivery, provided that you are not arranging your own shipping/carrier. BCS will cover loss and damage during transit. If you specify a different shipper, or otherwise make your own shipping arrangements, then title is transferred to you upon pickup by your designated shipper. In this case, BCS is not responsible for damage or loss during shipping.

If you are purchasing items from BCS for export to another country or for resale, it is your responsibility to insure that you or your company has obtained all necessary documentation, permits, and or licenses, and has fulfilled all federal, state, and local laws regarding the export of goods to another country. BCS will cooperate fully and proactively with all law enforcement agencies to insure that its products are used properly, and only by legal entities. Warranties offered by BCS's suppliers may not be valid, so please contact us or contact the original manufacturer if you have plans to export or to resell products purchased from BCS. BCS does not ship products to any country other than the USA.

If you are a non-taxable entity, or a reseller, please provide us with appropriate documentation prior to placing your order.

BCS distributes products from multiple manufacturers, with each manufacturer having their own warranty and "suitable for use" statements. While BCS will make every reasonable effort to insure your satisfaction, you, the Customer, agree to not hold BCS liable for any claims or statements made by its various suppliers or service providers, even if BCS posts such information on its site.

Pricing and Information Disclaimer:
BCS reserves the right to retract offers for the sale of any item(s) or service(s). Circumstances leading to a retraction might include but are not limited to: natural disasters, pricing errors, unexpected events such as labor strikes or shortages, discontinuation of products, and/or changes in prices from a supplier, a shipper or other a service provider.

Errors and Omissions:
BCS makes reasonable efforts to insure that the information posted on its site is current and accurate. You, the customer, by placing your order and accepting these terms and conditions agree to not hold BCS liable or responsible for any damages or injuries that might result due to inaccuracy or lack of timeliness of any of its information.

Trademark Policy:

BCS sells products from a variety of sources that are used in many different manufacturer's instruments. It is our policy to properly designate all trademarks™, registered trademarks®, and copyrights© of other companies within this site. If you should notice any product that is not properly designated, please let us know and we will promptly take corrective action.

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ASI® is a registered trademark of Analytical Scientific Instruments, Inc.

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Copying for the purpose of placing an order is allowed. No other use is authorized.

Limitation of Liability:
BCS shall not be held liable for any damages beyond the dollar amount of this transaction (including shipping costs if applicable). This limitation pertains to all products, goods, and services provided by BCS to any customer, (including customers receiving free samples).

Our company has have never had a case requiring arbitration, but in that event, you the customer and we at BCS both hereby agree that if any claim or dispute relating to this sales agreement cannot be resolved within a period of 90 days, the dispute will be filed by one of our companies with the National Arbitration Forum. The dispute will be resolved as per that organization's then current Code of Procedures. (See www.arbitration-forum.com). Notwithstanding that Code of Procedures, we shall each bear our own costs for legal services related to the dispute, and damages shall not exceed the dollar amount of the sales transaction in question.

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